Workshop Presenation: Using Paleobiodiversity Databases for Ancient Land Cover Reconstruction

Last week I have the opportunity to present a short talk at the Digital Data in Paleontological Research, sponsored by iDigBio in Berkeley, CA. It was a great opportunity to get to know a community of people working with the same types of data as I am, but tackling totally different problems. The goals of my talk were (1) to cast Neotoma and PBDB as excellent additions to modeling pipelines and (2) to introduce my PhD research on reconstructing past land cover. Most of the folks were verebrate paleontologists, and many use image, CT, or 3d databases, rather than the paleobiodiversity databases I am familiar with, so I thought it was important to highlight the ability of these databases to serve a key role on modeling pipelines. Here are the slides from my talk.

Using paleobiodiversity databases to reconstruct past land cover from Scott Farley