Yesterday I successfully defended my masters thesis project in both a public talk in front of an audience of about 20 of my friends (and mother!) and in a closed-door session with my committee.

I think that both portions went quite well. I was smooth and confident in the public talk. I was in with my committee for over one hour – much longer than I was expecting. The conversation during that time was congenial – not the grilling gotcha questions I was expecting. Some of the questions were difficult, but more on a conceptual level about the project’s position in the field. We also talked a lot about the publication venue for the work, and are likely to get at least two pieces of writing out of it.

I tried to live stream the talk, but unfortunately, the stream came through with no sound. Instead, I’ll include my powerpoint slides here, if you’d like to browse them. Look for a copy of my finished thesis here on my blog later this spring.

A general framework for predicting the optimal computing configuration for climate-driven ecological forecasting models: Scott Farley's Masters Thesis Defense from Scott Farley