Scott Sherwin Farley

Hi! I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison Geography Department, having just earned my Masters degree in Geographic Information Science and Cartography. I am interested in developing inuitive, engaging, fun, and useful geospatial web applications that improve decision making. I love to program, usually in JavaScript and sometimes in python. I spend most of my time building things -- you can see some of them on my GitHub. I am interested in climate change and its impact on biodiversity, humans, and natural disasters. My Master's thesis project looks at ways to optimize computer models for predicting future species range shifts so we can be better prepared to adapt to changing patterns of biodiversity. I think that data-driven interfaces and machine learning tools will be able to guide and improve the way we respond to the (irreversible) changes in the Earth System. When I'm not at my desk, I like to compete in endurance skiing and running races, rock climb, and travel.

This website showcases a selection of my projects, houses my blog, and is a platform for many of my projects. Have a look around!

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