I am an engineer at Mapbox, a trail runner, a rock climber, a photography enthusiast, a map nerd, and an endurance ski racer. At work, I prototype new systems using Mapbox’s location data to understand how people move around. If I’m not at work, I’m usually doing something in the mountains.

Want to get in touch? Drop me a line at scott.farley@mapbox.com.

Past Projects


A routing app that routes users through a road graph by optimizing the amount of scenery encountered along the route.

Ice Age Mapper

A tool to visualize ecological change since the last ice age across space and time

Open Digit

A collaborative project to build a global database of infectious disease cases to facilitate machine learning in epidemiology

Climatology Data Service

A web service to serve 1 million years of high resolution global climate model output over an HTTP interface

Wooden Ships

A collaborative project to visualize a century of maritime logs.

Winner, NACIS Best Stuent Project, Group Category


An app and web service ecosystem to provide real-time, high resolution fire risk information to firefiighters and community residents.